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¿Qué es IF?


The International Feminist is an articulated space of popular, cross-border and anti-capitalist feminism whose founding meeting took place on March 30, 31 and April 1, 2023 in Mexico City. The founding charter of the First Meeting was published on March 8.

Its founding was organized by over 50 feminist leaders from 30 countries in response to the need to meet, reflect, think, and debate collectively. This global initiative and platform for coordinating struggles is based on combating the inequalities of an economic, political, and social model produced by neoliberalism and capitalism under the conviction that these disparities themselves configure the gender gap. The International Feminist seeks to coordinate all feminist struggles worldwide to confront neofascist patriarchy.




The Feminist International was born from the organization of women united to transform our patriarchal societies, which have sustained forms of domination and violence against women in every corner of the planet. We seeks to coordinate all feminist struggles worldwide to confront neo-fascist patriarchy.


We reaffirm our conviction not to give up in the fight and organized work around the eradication of the systematic violence and oppression that patriarchal and capitalized societies have imposed on women and their people.

For a feminism without borders

United in diversity, building a future where the fight for justice and equity has no borders.

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Internacional Feminista seeks to coordinate all feminist struggles worldwide.

México, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, 

We are more than 50 women leaders from over 30 countries and various continents, who are organized and committed to feminism as a democratizing, class-conscious, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist project.



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